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Introduction to Bio-Linux 8


To coincide with the MMEG meeting, we will be offering a one-day training course titled "Introduction to Bio-Linux 8" on Wednesday 17th December 2014.

Venue: Computer Lab 035 (AD_035), Deiniol Library, Deiniol Road, Bangor, LL57 2UX.
Number of places on the course: 25
The registration deadline is: Wed 2nd December
Registration fee: £20 includes lunch, refreshments, 8GB Bio-Linux USB stick and printed course booklet.
Click here to register

Bio-Linux 8 is developed and supported within the Environmental Omics Synthesis Centre and receives support from CEH National Capability and NERC NBAF funding ( It is a powerful bioinformatics workstation platform that can be installed on anything from a laptop to a large server, and is suitable for novice or expert users handling NGS DNA reads or other biomolecular data. The system incorporates around 200 bioinformatics packages on an Ubuntu Linux base and free for all to download and use.

This 1-day course, taught by Bio-Linux developer Tim Booth and NBAF-W Lead Bioinformatician Hyun Soon Gweon, is suitable for beginners to the Linux environment and will equip users to start making effective use of the Linux environment in general and Bio-Linux in particular. As we are following the annual MMEG meeting, this course will go into depth on the application of Bio-Linux to microbial community analysis.

Course content

Part 1 is an introduction to the Linux desktop and system, especially the command shell environment which is common to all Linux systems and essential for running many bioinformatics tasks and for basic automation of repetitive jobs.

Part 2 focusses on running bioinformatics programs on Bio-Linux and providing the information you need to make intelligent choices about the programs and interfaces you use to run your bioinformatics analyses. In particular there will be hands-on analysis with the QIIME toolkit.

For more info contact James McDonald, or for technical queries or enquiries related to course content or Bio-Linux, Tim Booth.

Schedule and practicalities

The course will run from 9:30 to 4:30 but the taught content will be over by 3:30pm if you need to leave then. Click here for the provisional schedule

You don't need to bring anything aside form your brain, but if you want to come with your own data or if you want to get help setting up Bio-Linux on your own laptop then please do bring it along.





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